Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome To Rosie's Garden. Again.

Welcome to Rosie's garden. It's dry as the desert here. I don't remember the last time it rained.
Drought-challenged rudbeckia. With amaranthus.
Heat-challenged dahlia.
Purple shamrock. Oxalis.
More statice.
Know what this is? It's the flower to an ...
... eggplant.
Here's my first zucchini. That's almost dirty . But Rosie can deal with dirty. Does anyone else than me see the woman? With the blossom hair? On the left? This is absolutely pornographic. I disgust myself. And it takes a lot to disgust Rosie. And that took place in MY GARDEN!
My first yellow squash.
Drought-challenged rudbeckia and amaranthus. A parched zinnia. Sad.
Lovely purple zinnia that happened to happen in my walkway. I love it when that happens. And it happens so often.
Beautiful sunflower! Volunteer.
Mimosa aroma blanket.
Daisy and that Wandering Jew thingie. Ah, yes. Setcresia. I always have a hard time remembering the name.
Tomatillo! We bought tomatillos at the Teeter in January. Made a Salsa Verde and kept the seeds. Dried them out and planted them. Transplanted the seedlings a month or so later. Here they are now.
I'm waiting for the husks to form better. Get dryer. Then I'll pick 'em.
Rosie's tomatillo.
I freakin' love a mimosa!


Hornsfan said...

Rosie your garden looks pretty good to me considering the heat - down here in Texas the heat has been so bad that they are saying tomato plants may not put out fruit! I'm sad as I have probably eight varieties of tomato out in my garden :( Oh well, the cukes I'm getting and squash will have to hold me over and I'll keep crossing my fingers that tomatoes will happen!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Good luck with the heat and your tomatoes, Hornsfan.