Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rosie's Flowers.

I love this coral gladiolus in my front yard.
Volunteer sunflower. Columbine.
Red zinnia that perfectly matches ...
... this flower. Which I don't know what is.
OK, Mar. It's a perennial. It's easily divided. The foliage looks like that of a gladiolus. Please ID for me. And that would be my internet friend and Master Gardener, Mar, of Foodies Untie. Too slow, Mar. That's OK. I know you're busy. I'll go find something else for you to ID so you won't feel left out. Anony has ID'd it as crocosmia. Thanks, Anony.


zzzadig said...

I dunno what that is, it almost looks like red yuca from the flower stalk, but that isn't so tender. Anyhoo, I tore out all my nigella yesterday which means it's time for you to toss out some seeds for next year, or you could wait until fall. Want some seed?

zzzadig said...

I meant yucca, not yuca. Yuca you should eat; yucca you should not bend over around.

Anonymous said...

That's Crocosmia

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Zzadig, I'd love some more seeds. Thanks.
And thank you, Anony, for the ID.