Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pridefest On The Outer Banks.

As you know, Rosie always has her fingers on the pulse of her community. She will bring to your attention events about which you may know nothing. Such is the case this weekend. It's the first Pridefest on the Outer Banks. Back in March, there was an article in the Outer Banks Voice about this event. And again, today. To quote from the OBV: "OBX Pridefest gets off to a quiet start" Whew. Glad it wasn't a loud start. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Reference: Seinfeld.
Treat yourself to the comments on OBV. is excited to announce our first pride fest event! The beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina are quickly becoming America's next big gay vacation destination! Make your plans now to join us at the beach in Nags Head, North Carolina, June 24, 25 and 26. Some of our entertainers include, Eric Himan, and Florida's Dame Edna. Our home base for most of the events will be the historic First Colony Inn, Nags Head. Call them now to reserve your room right there on the grounds of the pride fest and a two-minute walk to the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean! All the information and links can be found at: Please check out the events for the weekend: Color me intrigued! Tonight at 9:00 there's a Male Box Swimsuit and Underwear Fashion Show at the First Colony Inn. I soooo want to go and blog about this but Mr. Hawthorne can be a bear sometimes. Ain't gonna happen. After the fashion show, there's a luau on the beach. This part piques my interest - from their website: Costumes are encouraged. I was planning on going as Chaz Bono. That's like a twofer, right? Color me Liza Minnelli! God, I'd love to see this. If only I could get Mr. Hawthorne to go with me. Sadly, ain't gonna happen. But wait. There's more! Tomorrow, from 11 AM to 4 PM, there's a Pride Beach Party at the Outer Banks Gay Beach, "Coquina Beach." I had no idea Coquina Beach was the Outer Banks Gay Beach. Color me Bette Midler as a mermaid. And Cher. As Cher. Here's Daughter Hawthorne, intent on catching her first fish at Coquina Beach back in 1987. That same determination sustains and fuels her today. Little did we know we were at a Gay Beach. Does this mean the fish are gay too? Crap. That means I'm going to be making up gay fish jokes tonight. I hate it when that happens. But truly, the best part of all this festivity is that the Pride Beach Party at the Outer Banks Gay Beach is being presented by Dirty Dicks Crab Shack. Really, this shit writes itself.


Kathy said...

I MISSED this? Dammit! Left just one day too soon. Dammit!

Amy said...

Rosie, you are too much!