Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rosie Makes A Smoothie. Mr. Hawthorne Cans!

There's a strawberry farm right across the bridge in Currituck and every year, in May, Mr. Hawthorne and I head over to pick our strawberries for the year. This year they had a bumper crop and we picked 20 pounds of some of the biggest, juiciest, sweetest strawberries I've ever had the pleasure of picking. We trim the berries and place in snack bags and freeze. It's the perfect size with which to make strawberry smoothies and the best thing is that you don't need to add ice which dilutes the smoothie. It's all pure berry goodness.
Not too long ago, I made a breakfast strawberry smoothie. Dixie was giving me her hang dog look, so I offered her a spoonful.
She loves strawberry smoothies.
Here's my "recipe:" 1 baggie of frozen strawberries some cream some more cream maybe some milk dash of vanilla (Just a dash. You want only a hint of vanilla.) I don't bother to put in sugar or sweetener. I like it just like this. If you'd like sugar, go ahead and add it. Taste test! Also, by using frozen berries and no ice, you get a smoother smoothie.
Dixie's got some tongue action going on.
Clean spoon!
I ended up giving her a little bowl of smoothie. Hope she doesn't get a brain freeze.
Mr. Hawthorne washed, trimmed, and sliced his berries (Heh. 12.), and followed the directions that came with the Sure Jell Fruit Pectin. One of the truly wonderful sounds of life is the anticipated "plink" of a sealing can.
And he canned this delicious strawberry jam. All.By.Himself. It's a Jar of Rubies. Step back, Ladies. He cans. He's all mine.

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