Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mosquitos On The Outer Banks. Epic.

It is impossible to venture outside now. I can't work in the yard at all. It's bad enough just walking ... Nay, running to the mailbox and back. We have a plague of mosquitoes. These insects are relentless. They attack you through long sleeves and pants. They whir annoyingly, threateningly, and menacingly as they try to enter virgin orifices. We've had an earthquake. Then there was a tornado nearby. Then there was that damn pesky hurricane. Then flooding, the likes of which I've never seen here in my 27 years. Another tornado somewhere else. Then the mosquitoes spawned. Then we had about a week or so of solid rain. Then more mosquitoes hatched. Basically, one cannot go outside without being plagued by the little buggers. Wait, I take that back. They're not "little" buggers. They're freakin' HUGE! buggers. They're like Lake Mattamuskeet crabs.
This morning I went out to the truck and headed to the recycling center. I'm driving up Colington road, constantly swatting at myself. In the time one quickly opens the door and gets inside one's vehicle, there will be at least a dozen mosquitoes in there with you.
I complained to Candy at the recycling center that it was sad I had to leave my doors open to get rid of the skeeters inside my truck. Even Zippy said he kept crossing the center line on Colington Road due to fending off these nasty critters. Good thing our paths didn't cross.
You see your neighbors going out to get their mail and they're spastically slapping themselves everywhere. Our clothing is blood-splattered. It's not a pretty sight. After I wrote this much about the mosquito problem, I saw Joy Crist's article about skeeters in Island Free Press, the news of Hatteras and Ocracoke Island. She says it much better than I ever could: Attack of the Kinnaskeeters I've already posted one of Crist's articles before: How I Spent My Summer Evacuation Both are good reads. Do yourself the favor.


Marion said...

Rosie, time for a road trip?

Anonymous said...

I've been working in Baum Bay and I know where you are coming from. I get in my car and there are tons of t6hem inside the car . I think the reason from this is rainwater has gotten inside my doors and mosquitos are breeding in the doors LOL!