Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mr. Hawthorne Makes Lunch.

When the Hawthornes are hungry and Mr. Hawthorne is in the kitchen, watch out.
Thursday, the Hawthornes had a busy morning. We visited the Wright Brothers National Memorial and listened to one of the Park Rangers talk about Orville and Wilbur and I must say, if I'd had Park Rangers teach my history classes back in the day, I would've ACED history. Just sayin'. I've listened to Park Rangers at National Parks all over this great country and have learned more than I ever did in school. And don't worry. I have a post in the makings about the Wright Brothers. After the Wright Brothers and a trip to the Teeter to get some Porterhouse steaks on sale, it was time for a late lunch and we both had worked up appetites.
Mr. Hawthorne makes Mexican. This is why I keep this man around. What is this? I'll tell you. First, Mr. Hawthorne browned some hamburger meat. Halfway to two-thirds through, he added in chopped green pepper and onion. Drain the grease and season with freshly ground salt and pepper, cumin, and a few shakes of Texas Pete or Tabasco sauce. This mixture is wrapped in tortillas along with some Queso Fresco. Mr. Hawthorne covered one tortilla with his Salsa Verde and the other tortilla with his Salsa Ranchero, both of which he has canned. Top with grated cheddar cheese and Queso Fresco. You can nuke it until cheese is nice and bubbly or run it under the broiler for bubbly and browned. Mr. Hawthorne was hungry and opted for immediate gratification. His is nuked. I would prefer mine browned under the broiler but I ain't complaining.
While Mr. Hawthorne was scurrying through the kitchen making the tortilla mixture, he also added a little of my homemade salsa to some rice to Mexify it up. My efforts in this meal included nuking the last of my Black Bean Soup and topping it with sour cream and salsa and making a Green Sauce. The Green Sauce (Doesn't that sound appetizing?) is half an avocado mashed with some sour cream and lime juice and topped with cilantro.
Rice mixed with salsa.
Yummy Green Sauce.
Mr. Hawthorne said had he known I was going to be taking pictures of this he would have "neatened it up." (When have I NOT taken pictures of food?) I kinda like it like it is.
This indeed hit the spot.

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