Monday, October 24, 2011

Soaring 100.

Glowria came by Sunday morning to pick me up to catch a bit of Soaring 100. On October 24, 1911, Orville Wright soared for 9 minutes and 45 seconds and this is the centennial celebration of that historic flight. We went up to First Flight Airstrip, a few miles up Colington Road, where gliders were being towed skyward and released to soar and glide and do whatever else they do before landing.
These guys are unpacking their glider.
We're walking up to the top.
View from the top.
Glider coming in for a landing.
You can barely see it, but there is a glider landing here.
This dog finally said screw it. Not going any farther.
We climbed up. We walked around. We went back down and these guys are still putting their glider together. Gee. Should I show them the screw I found? Do you suppose it's important?
Next, Glow and I hit the beach.
Pretty ocean colors.
And then we went home.
And it's only 12:37. The end.


Lori K said...

Can't wait to see the beach in person in a few weeks!!!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Where will you be staying, Lori?

Lori K said...

We have rented a house in Rodanthe...thankfully the island is open and the house didn't have any damage from Irene...cause I opted out of the travel insurance. Would absolutely love to see you and Mr. H. when we are down. My husband and daughter ( you met her two years ago) for sure are coming, the two boys don't know yet (they don't want to miss any school) really???
Will be arriving sometime on the 19th and then leaving the 26th. Can't wait...I hope the weather is somewhat good!!! Better than here in Michigan :)

Amy said...

We were in Nags Head last week and watched the gliders on Saturday. By the way, we ate at La Cabana on your suggestion and had a great meal. I enjoyed your pics of the mountains, we may have to do that sometime in the future.

Woodduck said...

Walk out on the pier next time, why don't you? Wooden pier are living antiques...they seem to breathe. ;~)

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Lori, looking forward to seeing you when you're down.

Amy, glad you enjoyed La Cabana.
You might want to try Plaza Azteca next time. Good service. Good, cheap food. It's in the old Dirty Dick's building on the by-pass.