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October 12, 2011. The Hawthornes Visit Mingo Falls, Outside Of Cherokee.

Cherokee, NC., home to the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation, (one of three federally recognized Cherokee tribes) is located at the main North Carolina entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, via US Hwy 441.
Rosie and Mr. Hawthorne stayed a second night in Cherokee because of the weather. We headed out Wednesday morning to check out Mingo Falls, in the Qualla Boundary. About 14,000 tribal members live on the Reservation, properly called the Qualla Boundary, which comprises more than 56,000 acres held in trust by the federal government specifically for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.
The Cherokee are always happy to pose for pictures with demanding tourons. I covet those boots.
I'd like to be able to coif my hair like that. I think I'd look spectacular.
Countryside on the way to Mingo Falls.
Ever wonder why they call them the Great Smoky Mountains?
From US 441 in downtown Cherokee, turn onto Acquoni Road, which parallels the Oconaluftee River. Drive to Saunooke Village shopping center, then turn right onto Big Cove Road. Drive about 5 miles. Pass the KOA campground and you'll see the sign for Mingo Falls, on the right.
A 1/4 mile trail up about 160 rough-hewn steps leads to a small wooden bridge that levels off over Mingo Creek in front of the falls. Mingo Falls, known as Big Bear Falls in the Cherokee language, cascades 120 feet straight down past granite boulders.
Tree down over the trail.
And here's Mingo Falls.
I'm playing with the Shutter Priority feature on my camera so I can get the movement of the water.
Bear with me.
You know how I like my action shots.
Mr. Hawthorne looks for gold.
Other side of Mingo Creek.
I liked the little cabins along the creek.
We were driving past the KOA campground on the way back to Cherokee and I noticed all these lures on the power lines running over a fishing area.
Videos of Mingo Falls:
Next, the Oconoluftee Indian Village.

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