Friday, October 14, 2011

October 12, 2011. Night In Robbinsville, NC.

On our travels, Mr. Hawthorne and I usually stay at Comfort Inns since I'm enrolled in that Choice Hotels program where you earn points and can eventually get "free" hotel rooms. We were in Robbinsville, NC., Wednesday night, ready to travel the Cherohala Highway the next day, and there were no Comfort Inns there. We stayed at a Microtel.
Usually, in Comfort Inns and most other hotels, I'm unable to even read a book because the lights have maybe 15 watt bulbs in them. Not so tonight at the Microtel. It's all flourescent lighting and the place is lit up like an operating room. I kid you not. I needed sunglasses. I'm still trying to figure out the mirrored wall stretching across the length of the room. Last time I saw this much mirror was in the 80's when I was taking aerobics classes.
The placement of the TV was odd also.
Check out the angle of that TV.
However, I loved the TV viewing area. Not.
There were no lamps in this room. The only thing I had to view my computer with was a 25 watt bulb in a ceiling lamp.
Also check out the mirror. You can see the glue marks smeared behind it.
This room is freakin' bright! Mr. Hawthorne is still bitching about this room. It had no hair dryer, no microwave for his popcorn, and no refrigerator. The TV sucked. If only we'd paid $10 more for the "suite," we would have had these extra amenities. He blames this on me, of course, because when asked if we wanted to upgrade to a suite, I automatically said no. So now, we have an on-going joke about the damn suite. Good times, folks.


Marilyn said...

Hotels need a "preview" option for rooms.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

You just never know what you're getting, Mar.

Marilyn said...

Ain't that the truth, Rosie. Since I have asthma, I request hypoallergenic rooms and instead I get handicap rooms. Go figure. Our last room in Chicago had down pillows and I could not breath the entire time I was in the rooms. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put down pillows in hotel rooms?