Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rosie Needs Her Resources. And The Hawthornes Are OFF!

Heads up, Dear Readers! The Hawthornes are venturing on a road trip today. Where are we going, you ask? To points west. Obviously. Can't go any farther East. I'm about the Eastest you can get. So the Hawthornes are heading to the mountains of Western North Carolina. Need to take out time to remember Dixie again:
Here's a Precious Dixie Picture shot by Daughter Hawthorne. Masters Hawthornes in the background.
My Our State North Carolina magazine had an article not long ago about the Cherohala Skyway between North Carolina and Tennessee. The Hawthornes already tried to go there once when we were in the Far West of North Carolina a few years ago. It was getting late and dark and I couldn't see the road map, so we turned on the Garmin and put Cherohala Skyway in, and we ended up in a trailer park somewhere. At that point, we were too tired to go on, so we called it quits and tried to find a motel to stay at. Turned back the next day to go home. Not Cherohala. Home. This was a sad time during the trip. And here it is, documented: Our previous attempt to find Cherohala Skyway. So, Cherohala Skyway is what we're headed for this trip. And we're doing it correctly this time. There's so much more along the way. And it's these side trips/forays I long for. Nay. Yearn for.
This is my Trip Box. Mr. Hawthorne is questioning this. As in, "What's all this crap?" Well, Mr. Hawthorne, these are my resources. How do you expect me to navigate without resources? From left to right: National Geographic's Drives of a Lifetime 500 of the World's Most Spectacular Trips. It has a lot of the drives we've already been on when we took our trip West and Back last year, plus it recommends Cullasaja River Gorge, Dry Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls, between Highlands and Franklin, NC. So that's on my itinerary. The next book is Backroads of North Carolina - Your Guide to Great Day Trips and Weekend Getaways. I've put sticky notes on Looking Glass Falls, Wagon Road Gap, Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, Cherohala Skyway, Hanging Rock, Pilot Mountain, Bridal Veil Falls, Dry Falls, Glen Falls, and the Bear Shadow. I really want to see the Bear Shadow. It only appears for a few weeks in October and February and is visible from the Rhodes Big View Overlook on US 64 between Cashiers and Highlands. That's on my Bucket List. Our State Magazine - October 2011. Cherohala Skyway and Joyce Kilmer Forest. Our State Magazine - July 1010 100 Food You Must Eat in North Carolina's 100 Counties. And here they are. We've already been to several of these places, plus we've found a few more on our own. Since we're going into Tennessee, I have a guide to Tennessee from the Tourism Bureau. Then I have a yellow legal pad with my notes scribbled on it. Possible itineraries. Possible routes. Possible stops along the way. Most involve food. All allow me to make off-the-cuff side trips. Ad lib, so to speak. Then I have AAA Tour Books for North Carolina (and South Carolina and Georgia) and Tennessee (and Kentucky). These books are invaluable. I navigate, find attractions, find sustenance, and find bedding. All in my AAA resources. Then I have a mini-legal pad on a mini-clipboard with more of my notes - the Cliff Notes version - and two pens, in case one goes bad. Lastly, in the back, I have the road maps for North Carolina and Tennessee. Rosie is ready to navigate. She is prepared and she has her resources.
Check it out.
Our destination for Sunday is Marion, North Carolina. A few years back, one of my readers, Deb, in West Palm Beach, recommended the Jalapeno Grill in Marion to me. Mr. Hawthorne and I had an amazing meal there, thanks to Deb. I heartily anticipate another visit to Jalapeno Grill. This afternoon. Notice on my notes: I'm listing cities by what they offer to eat. We went through Mocksville, NC. We found Ketchie Creek Bakery there, which beats out any bakery I've ever seen. And don't forget The Grind Cafe in Morganton. I had the Apollo Wrap, recommended by Our State in the 100 Foods issue. Also went through Statesville and ate at Jay Bees. Oh... such good, good food. Truly, the Hawthornes have eaten their way across this Good State.
My Cliff Notes.
Mini-legal pads on a mini-clip board, two pens, and road maps of North Carolina and Tennessee. My Cliff-notes. I have a plan. I have a git-to place. Cherohala Skyway. The rest is filler. Accents I'm looking forward to. I know some of the best places for food along the way. Hopefully, I'll find some more. That's the excitement about driving and touring. You never know what's behind the next bend. And you can't wait to find out. I'm more than a navigator. I am a choreographer. And I'm tripping the Light Fantastic. Rosie is ready to ride. Later, Gater! In-a-while, Crocodile! The Hawthornes are OFF!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your trip reports! Safe travels my friend.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time and enjoy the food. Hope you report back daily as you did on your cross-country trip. I am looking forward to reading those posts. You know, you might have a travel book percolating in all your stories.
Loved Dixie's photo.

tortietat said...

Enjoy your trip! Give me a holler if you pass through here and want to visit Old Salem.....can either take you through or get you a pass.

Lea said...

Enjoy!!!! I love a good road trip!

Marilyn said...

Safe travels. Curious minds want to know if you are planning on hitting beautiful Southern Indiana this time around?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thanks, everyone.

Mar, we have only a week this time,
so sadly won't make it through Indiana.