Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 13, 2011. The Hawthornes Take A Detour On Cherohala Skyway - Bald River Falls.

About 6 miles before we got to the end of the Cherohala Skyway, we took a detour on Forest Service Road 210 to see Bald River Falls.
Enjoy the road to the falls.
Yes, I'm still experimenting with shutter priority settings. I want to get the water flowing.
Leaving the falls:
Uh oh. The Hawthornes are stopped. The road is blocked.
Accident. Don't worry, no one was hurt. Poor kids. They're OK, though. That's what counts. This road is extremely slippery. In fact, those kids are sliding back to the side of the road on the left.
You can pretty much see what happened here. See the tire marks started at the rear wheel of the cop's car? Don't know what the kid's tires were like, but even with tread on shoes, people were sliding on the road. Apparently, their car ran into that tree in the middle and the driver over-compensated by turning to the left which flipped the car. The driver was still holding a coke from Hardees when they got him out of the car. Didn't spill at all.
I got out of the car to shoot the videos of the tow truck pulling the car off the road. Rosie got an edumacation that day. Whenever there's an accident, don't get out to shoot pics. One of the cops came over to me and got my name and wanted to see my driver's license. Rosie is now part of the investigation since she shot pictures of the accident. Bummer.

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