Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Pity Gifts.

On Christmas Eve, Rosie was full of good cheer as she delivered cookie trays throughout the neighborhood.
A few mornings later, when I was running with the dogs, one of my neighbors drove by and stopped to chat. She thanked me for the cookie tray and admitted that her birthday was the 30th and she'd already gotten a birthday present - a pair of socks from her husband, given to her by her daughter early. I didn't ask for an explanation about that. I figgered it was still a sore spot. That's pathetic.
So, I went home and wrapped up one of my Trapp Candles that I always buy extra of at Christmas time. Why, yes. I have pity gifts too.
I made a house! And that's marshmallow smoke. I was feeling very Martha Stewart that day. So on the 30th, I was out with the dogs that morning and stopped by my neighbor's house, apologizing to her when she answered the door still in her bathrobe, for stopping by at half past the ass crack of dawn. But look, I'm bearing a gift. I explained to her: "You know how everybody always keeps pity gifts on hand at Christmas time just in case somebody stops by with a present for you and you really didn't get anything for them? She shook her head, yes. "Well, this is the ultimate pity gift for you. Socks suck. Happy Birthday." I think she was touched.


SweetPhyl said...

Rosie, you ROCK!it

Rosie Hawthorne said...

One does not give one socks for a birthday present.

SweetPhyl said...

Or a cleaning appliance! Amen and Hallelujah!