Friday, January 13, 2012

Rosie Makes Not-Yo-Mama's-Oatmeal.

Mr. Hawthorne, like anyone our ages, tries to eat healthily. I guess none of us thought we'd really live this long, since probably we were not so kind to our bodies back in the day when we should have been. So now, we have those weekly pill boxes (I have two. A week goes by so fast these days.) that tell us what day it is. My pill box is my calendar. And Mr. Hawthorne goes to the GNC store every month, the first week, and uses up his ol' man crap semi-deals to load up on whatever he thinks his body needs after whatever abuse was inflicted upon it. Years ago. I SWEAR. I hear noises in my kitchen as I type. Hopefully, it's mice. Heh. Never thought I'd write, "Hopefully, it's mice." Back to Mr. Hawthorne trying to eat healthy foods: Throughout the week, Mr. Hawthorne eats fiber-rich cereals with skim milk, an egg white omelet with his Salsa Ranchera, or a bowl of oatmeal. He allows himself bacon or Eggs Benedict or a real omelet loaded with cheese only on the weekends. Me? I eat whatever I want. Whenever I want. Life is short. Back to the oatmeal. I was watching Mr. Hawthorne eat that oatmeal glop one day and I just had to have a taste. And guess what. There was no taste. If I could conjure up anything, it would be "wallpaper paste." Not that I've licked paste before. Ever. I knew right then and there, I had to make this stuff palatable. And I did.
Oatmeal in salted water. Heat up. Cook according to directions on oatmeal box. Does one need directions to cook oatmeal? I added some frozen blueberries. See? I can do healthy.
Then I added some Craisins.
Some wheat germ. Healthy!
Strawberries! I'm feeling healthier already.
Handful of pecans.
Mr. Hawthorne's sourwood honey.
Big chunk o' buttah.
The last of the pure maple syrup. Not to worry. I have another bottle. I've been saving it to do the whipped maple syrup recipe E.A.Marion sent me.
Might as well use the rest of the jar of honey.
It truly needed some heavy cream.
Serve with additional butter. Now THAT'S oatmeal. Hmmmm.
Tomorrow, maybe apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar. Along with the butter, the cream, and the nuts and honey. Sounds like a plan. Wait! What about molasses and corn syrup? Another type of nut? Mo buttah??


zzzadig said...

I don't like putting all that stuff in it, it makes the wallpaper lumpy. I once cancelled a two week deep jungle trip because the leader informed me that we would be having oatmeal for breakfast most days. Guess he didn't like grits.

Kathy said...

I do mine long & low in the microwave & make it with milk instead of water. Then brown sugar or honey, cinnamon & vanilla. Then whatever add-ins float my boat at the moment. Gonna make some now...

Rosie Hawthorne said...

What can I say, Zzzadig? I like lumpy.

Lea said...

Have you tried Irish Oatmeal or Steel Cut oats? Oh MAN, such an improvement!!!!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

No I haven't, Lea. Thanks for the suggestion!

Lea said...

Hope you like it! I enjoy the texture!