Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Colington Harbour July 4th Boat Parade.

Welcome to the Colington Harbour
Fourth of July
Boat Parade.

Video #3

Happy Fourth of July!

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Liberty Reigns In Colington Harbour
  • Thank you, Rosie and family, for posting these videos of all the parades in the last few years!
  • From my perspective, the impromptu parade was a huge success, even though there was absolutely no advertisements for it. In fact, in searching the internet last night for the parade schedule, there was absolutely no mention of a parade, or a cancellation of the parade. The board members of the Colington Yatch Club should receive a proper spanking for their lack of patriotism for not even notifying the residents of Colington of the cancellation of the 4th of July Boat Parade!
  • After just a couple of turns around the main harbor, a huge number of boats all displaying American flags and banters were powering about the harbor, splashing and spraying each other with water! The scene looked like a re-enactment of the many sea battles we fought in the revolutionary war for the struggle for our independence from a tyrannical England. And again, we fight for our freedoms!
  • George Litwin was the first boat out, followed by a small powerboat (each all decked out with American Flags!), followed by me, then the big red trawler named Lucky Red (?). I'm on the Epic surfski that you see zipping by at 1:58.
  • This Forth of July parade was an impromptu parade, unlike the previous years organized parades. The Colington Yacht Club board members all voted unanimously not to organize the parade this year due to some silly complaints from lasts year's parade. Instead, patriotic boaters from Colington and as far away as Wanchese, all somehow organized into a parade without a fuddy-duddy formal body and we all enjoyed participating in our Fourth of July Boat Parade!


Doug Marley said...

Great vids of this year's impromptu Fourth of July Parade! It was a Fourth of July, All American Miracle! (the Colington Yatch Club board members unanimously voted to not hold the parade; everyone showed up anyway!) Such Patriots of Freedom!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thanks, Doug. This was the best parade yet. We enjoyed it immensely.

Several years ago they canceled the parade because of boaters having too much fun the previous year. I thought then that nobody can cancel a parade. If the boaters want to parade, then by God, they can have a lawful congregation on the water.

Good work!

Marilyn said...

Let freedom ring! Thanks for the videos of the lovely parade. And thank you to the boaters for having a parade any way!