Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sometimes You Need Color.

 Sometimes my body wants a particular color food
and I must oblige.

 Today's meal is brought to you by the colors ...

 ...  orange ...
and ...

 ... green.

Tuna, kale, sweet potatoes.
 Mr. Hawthorne baked a few sweet potatoes for me,
which was nice since he's not eating them.
Not on the diet.

 I mashed up the potatoes
with a little butter and salt.

 Spread evenly into ramekins.

Now here's where it gets good -
the toppings.
 Some brown sugar.

 Some orange juice.




 Dot the tops with butter.
Bake in a 350 degree oven until heated through
and coconut is toasted.

 Meanwhile, Mr. Hawthorne
cooked down some kale from the garden.

I luvs me some greens.

 And here's my dinner.
Orange and green.
A little malt vinegar on my greens.
And a sprig of catnip since Dogwood's here
and I always like messing with Dogwood.

This is ambrosial.

Greenalicious goodness.

Sweet potatoes -
they're not just for Thanksgiving.

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