Sunday, July 1, 2012

Welcome To Rosie's Garden.

 Welcome to Rosie's June garden.

After 7 weeks of neglect,
I've had quite a mess to clean up here.

I've been pulling up hundreds of spent larkspurs,
bachelor buttons, and coreopses,
raking up pine needles,
cleaning up the beds,
making new beds,
defining old beds,
pruning and fertilizing my roses,
mulching ...
... the list is never-ending

 Would you look at the lower right-hand side?
It's got my name there!
I wonder how I did that.

 This is my clematis.
I've had it for about 10 years
and every year I've had to move it,
trying to find a place it likes.
Until now.
It likes it here at the base of the steps.

 I don't know what this is.

But it's real purty.

 Lacecap hydrangea.



 I like purple and coral together.

 My bowls from Taos, New Mexico,
and my gardenias.

 I still don't know what this is.
I know I like it.

Whatever it was, it finally opened up.

 My favorite coral glad.

 My number two favorite glad - the purple.

Shasta daisies.

 Pretty crocosmia.

 Purple coneflower or echinacea.



 Love the green glad.

 Pineapple lily.

I'm getting there.
But it's just too hot to do much work.


Lea said...

LOVE the green glads.

zzzadig said...

A type of ismene?

Lost my pineapple lily, so I be jealous.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I love the green glads too, Lea.

Zzzadig, I planted that pineapple lily last year. This is the first time it's bloomed, so I'm excited.

As for the other, I don't even remember planting that, least of all what it is.

dh said...

I was going to say I love the green glads too, and also the pineapple lily. Those are winners!

Anonymous said...

Pretty bowls.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I like those bowls, Anony. I'm thinking about serving salsas and/or guacamole in them.