Wednesday, July 18, 2012

News From The Outer Banks Sentinel.

I love reading the police reports
printed in the local newspapers.
There's usually someone I know being arrested
and some of the reports make one want to scratch one's head.

From today's Sentinal:

A Kill Devil Hills man was charged with impeding traffic by standing on the highway on July 9.

I knew all about this one.
From his being drunk on a bike in Colington at 4 in the morning,
to running the bike into a ditch,
to his calling his mother to pick him up.
Then his mother took him to the Outer Banks Hospital
and left him because she didn't want to deal
and he got mad and left, 
since he wasn't hurt and didn't need to go to the hospital,
and started hitchhiking his way home.
Only he didn't make it,
was picked up by the officer,
who may well have saved his life,
and got to spend the night in the Manteo Hilton
aka Dare County Detention Center.

And this one made me sorta scratch my head
and wonder about the circumstances:

Investigation and arrest reports from the Kill Devil Hills Police Department include a report of second degree sexual offense, first degree burglary, and felony larceny after a 20 year old Maryland man reported that oral sex was performed on him while he slept at a rental house on Virginia Dare Trail.


southdrivein said...

Jail isn't the same since The Duchess of Dare Restaurant quit catering the meals

Rosie Hawthorne said...

South, I remember reading an article years ago about the new jail - the Manteo Hilton. They put in a quarter million dollar kitchen, then ascertained it was more cost-efficient to continue catering with Duchess of Dare.

So, from where are the inmates getting their sustenance now?

zzzadig said...

Must have been the tooth fairy...heh.