Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fieri Update On The Outer Banks.

I had previously talked to Chef Pok 
about getting into Outer Banks Brewing Station 
 when Guy is shooting this week.
He told me he would need to talk with the producers.

Mr. Hawthorne and I went there for lunch today
and I slipped my business card with a note on it
to the waitress who forwarded it to someone in the know.
'E" just called me and said everything is quite hush hush,
but he's meeting with the producers tomorrow
and will try to get me in.
Wish me luck.

Apparently, Guy is down here for a "vacation"
with his family, staying somewhere oceanfront.
That should narrow it down for you.

 Mr. Hawthorne had a salad with grilled shrimp
and a "Wheat Vinaigrette."
I liked the dressing.
Lime juice and I believe miso.

When we got home,
Mr. Hawthorne recreated the dressing:
Japanese mayo
White vinegar
Lime juice
He nailed it.

 I had the Portabella Press -
marinated grilled portabella mushroom
with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, tapenade, and cheese,
fried potato wedges, and a pickle slice.
Loved that bread.
Tapenade was a bit over-powering for my tastes.
Liked the fries - good and crispy.


Kathy said...

Somewhere on the oceanfront? Oh yeah, I know exactly where :-/

Crossing all my fingers & toes for you to get Fee-eddy-cized.

Anonymous said...

What is Japanese Mayo? Where can you find it?

SweetPhyl said...

Good Luck Rosie...fingers are crossed for you!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Anony, you can find out about Japanese Mayo here:

I found a bottle in the Asian section of Harris Teeter called Lee's Tokyo Sauce - Gourmet Japanese White Sauce.
Ingredients: Mayo (soybean oil, corn syrup, water, eggs, vinegar, salt, spices), water, ketchup, corn syrup, vinegar, salt, onion powder, spices, natural flavors, lemon juice, paprika, garlic, sugar, spices, xanthan gum, and some more chemicals.

I was at a Japanese restaurant in Danville which served a "Yum Yum" sauce which is very similar.

In Japan, they have "Kewpie," a ubiquitous condiment.

Basically, Japanese mayo is made with rice vinegar rather than distilled vinegar and it's smoother and creamier than regular mayo.