Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What The Hawthornes Are Eating. Lunch.

  Sometimes, less is more.

 Mr. Hawthorne seasoned the tuna filet with
freshly ground salt and pepper
and seared it in a combination of butter and oil -
butter for flavor and oil to raise the smoke point.
Just a couple of minutes over medium high heat.
I like my tuna rare-medium rare.

The spinach was wilted in a combination of
peanut oil and a little sesame oil.
Go easy on the sesame oil
until you know how much of a punch it kicks.
Sesame seeds were toasted in the pan.
I like to add a bit of butter to my spinach
a drizzling of soy sauce or tamari,
and, of course, I must have my lemon juice.

 Youngest Hawthorne loves seafood
and he prepared this tilefish for lunch.

He seasoned the fish with Old Bay Seasoning,
 added a little sherry diluted with a bit of water to the pan
(We were out of white wine.  Gasp!),
dotted the filet with butter,
and baked at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

If you haven't tried tilefish,
put it on your list.
It's an incredibly light and sweet meat.

By the way,
very nice job, Youngest Hawthorne!

Giada loves Nana.

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