Monday, March 24, 2008

Dirty Dixie.

When Dixie came in this morning after going out to do her morning "business,"
she had a definite odor about her.

The same odor, in fact, in which my black Lab, Rosie, used to roll.

Apparently, it's a popular odor.

What I think it is, is nutria excrement, which contains fish scales and bits of crab.

What is a nutria, you ask?

I'll see a family of them sunning themselves on my dock in late afternoon.

(Why, whenever I hear about a dog going out to do his "business," do I have this visual of the dog going outside in a suit, with a briefcase, setting up a desk, and putting out a shingle?)

So, D-I-X-I-E got a B-A-T-H.

Dixie so enjoys her baths.

Dixie's got the crazy eyes going on here.

Now, this is different.
Usually, Dixie turns on her left side and faces me.
Perhaps she's a bit ashamed at herself for rolling in that vile mess and smelling as bad as she did and just can't face me.

Here, she's all lathered up and smelling purty.

Dixie's all wrapped up in her hot towels ready for her nap time.

1 comment:

Carol said...

I'm impressed that nutrias have their own website. "Take that"

(btw, I am urging the readers of Rosie's blog to NOT make the mistake I did and go to the similar if mispelled "" which is not about the varmint, but actually a site devoted to an, um, hmm, how to be polite, an infliction of a personal nature...)