Friday, May 30, 2008

Daughter Hawthorne Comes Home.

Daughter Hawthorne showed up last night with Giada,
her new precious puppy.

Her friend LoosyGoosy came over and gave me a thumbs up for my strawberry mousse.

Youngest Hawthorne didn't want to be photographed.

Now Dixie is not having a problem with this new puppy like she did with Beau. She actually tolerates Giada. With Beau, she just snarls and growls and sneers and barks at him.
I think it's because she realizes he's got "the boys."
And she doesn't like that.
Giada is a fluffy little girl and she can relate.
Here's Dixie on the rug right outside Giada's room, where she spent the night.

Giada appears relaxed.

Have you ever seen an egg like this?

Odd, isn't it?

I've never seen an egg shaped like this.

Mr. Hawthorne had to fix him some comfort crabs
after his disturbing experience with the "veal" today.
Yes, Carol, he can eat soft shells, but can't eat veal.

Beau left with Middle Hawthorne last night and Giada went with Daughter Hawthorne this afternoon to visit friends, so Dixie has the place - and her pillow - all to herself.
Sweet dreams, Dixie.
Look. She's smiling.
And she feels pretty.
After all, her toenails are painted.

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