Saturday, May 31, 2008

Update On The Sweetbreads Issue.

FYI, Mr. Hawthorne hasn't eaten anything I've cooked today. Such chickenshit culinary cowardice. Daughter Hawthorne, upon finding out she had eaten GLANDS, told me "That was evil. No, that was more sick and twisted than evil." Mission accomplished. I am both sick AND twisted. Youngest Hawthorne and his girlfriend came in last night, hungry. I fed them the program. They scarfed it down. YH'sGF said, "You cook more than ALL the women in my family." I think that was a compliment. Middle Hawthorne came home from out of town today. Right at supper time. Hungry. I fed him sweetbreads, risotto, polenta, black bean/corn salad. He had two helpings. Loved it. The Hawthorne Boys don't know what they ate. They didn't ask questions. Just ate and enjoyed. Now, I prepared everything. I knew what I was eating. And I loved it. Wazza madder wid dese peeples?

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