Monday, May 5, 2008

Rosie Cooks Yet Again.

Hey folks. It's time for me to start dinner.

Here, I have Parmesan Cheese, fresh parsley, Panko bread crumbs, and Italian bread crumbs.

I thawed out two pork chops, washed them off, then dried them, and coated them with the Parmesan/crumb mixture.

Saute the chops in a bit of olive oil and buttah.

Here, I have rice and beans going on.

Browned the chops on either side, then popped them into the oven for about 8 minutes.
Then deglazed the pan with red wine.

Sauteed some asparagus and snow peas, then threw in some almonds.

Here are the chops with the reduced wine sauce.

Here's din-din.
Parmesan/bread crumb/parsley/Panko encrusted pork chop with a red wine reduction/glaze and some asparagus from my garden with snow peas and almonds, and some red bean/rice for a side dish.

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