Friday, November 27, 2009

The Hawthorne Household.

It is Thanksgiving Eve. I baked a lot yesterday. I baked a lot today. And now it's time for bed. It is Thanksgiving Day. 12:01 AM November 26, 2009.
I finished cooking and cleaned up for the night and headed for bed. Beau and Junior have the better part of my bed.
I wake up Thanksgiving morning about 6:30 AM. Junior and Dixie are in close proximity.
Dixie allows Junior on the bed. At arm's length.
Align CenterDixie tolerates Junior. She despises him the least of the 3 offspring doggies.
This is Dixie's waking-up routine.
Along with four dogs, three of which are extremely large, we also have the pleasure of Sir Dogwood Chandler's presence.
Daughter Hawthorne brought home a cat. Dogwood, Junior, and Giada all live together so they get along just fine. Dixie is at the point now where she just doesn't give a damn. You could parade elephants through the house and I don't think she'd bat an eye.
Dogwood is staying in Daughter Hawthorne's bedroom, with the door closed. While I was cooking Thanksgiving day, I heard a commotion back in her room. Seems that Beau had pushed the door open and was getting ready to have him a Dogwood Sandwich. Poor Dogwood was arched up with fur standing on end, then Beau jumped after Dogwood, Dogwood ran under the bed, I grabbed Beau, pulling with all the strength I had, yelling for the Hawthorne Children to get in there and help. Not to worry. Dogwood is safe. Just another day in the Hawthorne Household.


Rose II said...

Junior looks as big as Dixie in pic 2! lol

Lane said...

is there a way you can send me the last video?

Unknown said...

hahaha i love all the williams creatures