Monday, November 16, 2009

November 2009 Storm Damage On The Outer Banks.

On Friday, November 13, Mr. Hawthorne and I left the Outer Banks to go visit with our respective Mummies. I hated leaving the beach at this particular time since we'd had a terrific storm and I wanted to stay here and shoot pictures of the damage, and, if I was lucky, get a video of a house falling into the ocean. Just kidding. Don't send me hate mails. But, if a house were, unfortunately, to fall into the ocean, it would have been great to be there, to video it, and blog about it. We got back home yesterday, Sunday. And today, Monday, we went out to check out the lay of the land and waters. Our immediate little strip of Barrier Islands starts at Milepost 1 up in Kitty Hawk. The next town is Kill Devil Hills. Then Nags Head. And South Nags Head is at about Mile Post 20. We started our trip at MP 1 in Kitty Hawk on the Beach Road.
As you can see, sand still covers the road, even though bulldozers have been hard at work moving the sand off the road.
The first 3 miles in Kitty Hawk are the worst hit. It's a low lying area and standing water is everywhere.
We had to stop in Kitty Hawk at every few streets, turn around because of flooding on the road, and head back to the parallel road, the bypass.
At this point, they're pumping the standing water back to the beach.
It's a mess.
We made our way down to South Nags Head.
I know a lot of homes down here were totally destroyed, but didn't know where to find them. We stopped at several places on the main road where there was a lot of debris piled up on the roadside. Figured that would take me to the most damage.
Excuse me, but whoever thought it was a good idea to build houses on the beach? As in, IN the ocean.
Sandbags in front of condemned house.
The beach was full of metal detectorers. I always like to casually walk by these guys and toss out pennies when they're not looking.
I likee shells.
Hope you enjoyed our excursion today. For more storm damage pics, see here.


Hairball T. Hairball said...

Rosie, forgive me as I'm skimming today, did you get any damage at your house other than a flooded yard?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

No damage, Hairball. Thanks for asking.

Marilyn said...

Thanks for the excellent storm report.

Donna-FFW said...

My hubby certainly enjoys these photos.. my kids would be amazed at all those seashells. We are near the ocean, however, we don't get nearly as many..and they are always broken.