Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Day Preparations.

Tomorrow, I'll go through my step by step instructions for the preparation of our Thanksgiving meal - our celebration of life. I will incorporate and finish off the dishes I've already Semi-Prepared. Hmmm. Semi-Prepared. That's my culinary point of view. Watch out Food Network. I'm on my way. And I will create a few more dishes, cook the turkey, cook the ham, make the gravy , a dressing, a sauce ... and for my Grande Finale (Finally) I'll show you my own Thanksgiving Tradition - Julia Child's Gateau de Crepes. {Julia actually writes "Gateau of Crepes." But since she uses French on either ends of the "of," I thought I'd make the "of" French. And put in the "de." But now I'm all flummoxed and cattywampussy because I can't remember my basic high school French and I don't know if the "de" (singular) should instead be a "des" (plural).} Stay tuned. Because it gets better.

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