Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mr. Hawthorne Makes Deerburgers.

A friend of ours brought us a deer yesterday. Just what I needed, since I have NO.PLACE.TO.PUT.IT. But thanks, Ian. (pronounced with a long I, as in EYE-un, not EEE-un.) We do appreciate it. We kept the hindquarter and gave the rest away. Really, I have NO ROOM in my freezer. Mr. Hawthorne made deerburgers today. And they were deerlicious.
Mr. Hawthorne's ingredients: about 5-6 pounds deer hindquarter 1 2/3 pound ground chuck 1 pound suet (approximately 3 pounds shown) Mr. Hawthorne trimmed the deer meat of its silverskin.
And cut the deer into pieces to fit the meat grinder receptacle.
First, he ran the deer meat through the grinder.
Then the suet.
Then the deer meat and suet.
I really like this picture.
Then he manually worked the ground chuck into the deer and suet.
He added a heaping teaspoon each of Kosher salt, pepper, and Montreal Steak Seasoning, and ran it all through the grinder again.
Pretty meat.
Mr. Hawthorne pattied one of the deerburgers up to test for seasonings. We may need to adjust.
He browned on both sides.
Deerburger on an Arnold's Sandwich Bun. Mr. Hawthorne just had to add mustard and ketchup. Pickle slices would've been good. And Rodeo Bill's tater chips sandwiched inbetween the Arnold's would have been the ULTIMATE.
I have to say, this was deerlicious. The perfect balance of deer, chuck, and fat. The seasonings needed no adjustments.
Mr. Hawthorne cooked up 4 more burgers for Youngest Hawthorne.
I generally don't like a pan fried burger. I prefer grilled burgers. But these? Were wonderful. The fat cooked out, leaving its wonderful essence, and the deer meat gave the burger a wonderful richness and depth. Not gamy at all. Just a hint of deer.
Mr. Hawthorne pattied out the rest of the five pounds, individually wrapped the patties, and found several tiny sideways pockets in the freezer to stuff the burgers into.


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