Friday, November 27, 2009

Wednesday Morning. Rosie And Mr. Hawthorne Go To Food Lion For Last Minute Provisions.

After making a pumpkin pie and starting on my sweet potato casserole (Do anything and everything you can in advance for Thanksgiving.), Mr. Hawthorne and I went to Food Lion to get a few essential ingredients for the Big Day. It's a cloudy, rainy day. Temps in the 50's. And what do I see? A grown man in Food Lion wearing Daisy Dukes. Every where I walked in Food Lion, every aisle, there he was. And bless me, when we got to the check out, there he was right in front of us.
Now, is this really a good look for a man in his 60's? Possibly 70's. Granted he's got nice legs. Cute booty, too. But really.
I personally love it.

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