Friday, November 13, 2009

Road Trip!! And More Damage At Xmaskatie's.

Hello, all. Mr. Hawthorne and I are on a brief road trip to visit with our respective Mommies. First off, I'd like to wish my dear friend, Martie, Happy Friday the Thirteenth Birthday and have a safe trip to China. Bring me back a bit of the Great Wall. And speaking of the Great Wall ... that's coming. Youngest Hawthorne and Junior came Thursday night (no school on Friday) to house- and Dixie-sit. Junior so wants Dixie to be his bestest bud. He got too close and Dixie withdrew her paw.
Junior perseveres. Dixie's coming around.
We left the Outer Banks this morning at 8:33.
And drove through pouring down rain the entire trip. About 1:30, we got to Yanceyville, and went to our favorite market, Yoder's Country Market. We were both hungry, and there are a McDonald's and a Hardee's across the street. Mr. Hawthorne makes a beeline. I refuse to eat at either one. While in the line at McDonald's, I look up and see across a crowded parking lot, a SUBWAY! We hie to the Subway. But wait ...
... There's a freaking Great Wall Chinese Restaurant. Change of plans.
We order and I turn around and see this poster on the window. I so, soooo, want to participate in this, but, alas, I'm too damn old. Shit!
Mr. Hawthorne ordered the shrimp with Chinese vegetables.
I ordered the beef and veggies. Very good Chinese. Made it to Danville about 2:30. First went to Maxine's and dumped all my bags. (Mostly electronics) Then called Sister-In-Law Hawthorne and she met up with me to deliver the keys to Mama Hawthorne's. Mr. Hawthorne dropped me off at Mama H's and left for his Mommie's. Went to see Mama H., then went back to Dear Friend Maxine's for dinner out and the night. Checked my email and Xmaskatie was kind enough to send me these pictures of the crap at her house. Enjoy!