Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday Night Dinner At The Hawthornes'.

Here's Friday night's dinner.
Marinated pork medallions with a jicama slaw.
The pork was fork-tender, extremely juicy, and had wonderful flavor. The slaw was a perfect foil to the pork. Very light and crisp flavors. The apple with just a hint of lime was a nice touch.
Just slightly pink. You don't need to overcook pork. Do NOT cook it until it's gray inside. Stop at slightly pink and you will be rewarded with light, juicy, wonderful pork.
This is a baked acorn squash "soup," made with onions, panko, and cheeses, some turkey stock, and heavy cream. Oh, and some buttah. Very rich, soothing, comforting. Stay tuned for the recipes.