Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Youngest Hawthorne's Dinner.

Stir fry tonight for Youngest Hawthorne.
At 4 in the afternoon, Youngest Hawthorne came in. Starving. Quick stir fry for him. Probably took all of 20 minutes which is the time it took for the rice to cook.
I had half of a pork tenderloin leftover from the other night when I cooked the pork medallions with the jicama slaw and acorn squash soup. I sliced the pork into bite-sized pieces.
Sliced some carrot, celery, and onion.
A little olive oil in my skillet and add in the veggies for a quick toss. Maybe one minute.
Then I added in about a tablespoon of sugar.
Pour in a little water just to steam the veggies. Cook another minute until the water evaporates. Remember to undercook your vegetables. Transfer to a bowl and cover while you cook the meat.
I added in a little more olive oil to my pan and put in the meat.
Brown on each side. Maybe two minutes. Look at all the goody bits.
Then add the veggies back to the pan.
I had about a cup of turkey stock left so I made a slurry of 1 TB corn starch and 1 TB cold water and added that to the turkey stock. Pour into the stir fry slowly, stirring and scraping up all the goody bits.
Cook until smooth and thickened. Maybe a minute.
Rice is ready. Twenty minute meal.
Youngest Hawthorne likee.


Woodduck said...

That looks so good! I gotta'go find something to stir.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Woodduck, Hie ye and stir.