Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rosie Is Outed. Part 1.

What can I say? Marion has discovered a dirty little secret. My dirty little secret. Marion considered finding this book in my bookcase tantamount to finding The Joy of Sex in the rents' bedroom.
I argued that the pages faced outside on the bookcase. Not the spine. And there were no pages stained with cooking fluids. To my credit, the pages were pristine.
Spanikopita. Sorta. I had just made spanikopita. But not in 30 minutes. And it was spanikopita. Not sorta. Bakla. WTF is bakla? A thirty minute production of baklava? Why the hell couldn't Marion have found my turned around Stephen Hawking book?


Unknown said...

I used to have that dirty little secret hiding on my bookshelves. Oddly... of everything I've ever "loaned" to someone with my cookbooks, that was the one that always came back to me.

I finally took it to Half Priced Books. I got three bucks. I was happy with that.

Marilyn said...

I think you should make the spanikopita. Sorta. Just to compare with the real thing.

Phyllis said...

I have a chef friend who keeps giving me horrifying cook books, i.e., The Twinkie Cook Book, The Spam Cook Book. They are always a hoot to read so I just embrace the insanity and read 'em for fun of it. I haven't yet cooked anything out of them, although I must admit the Twinkie Pizza was intriging! Just start a "How not to cook" section in your cookbook library and have fun!