Thursday, February 4, 2010

Marion And Rosie Visit The North Carolina Aquarium In Manteo.

On Monday, Marion and I took a trip down to Manteo to visit the North Carolina Aquarium. The 68,000 square-foot facility features alligators, river otters, turtles, sharks, lots of fish, live dive shows, and special activities and events. This is also the venue of the wonderful cooking classes Mr. Hawthorne and I have taken for the past two years. It's one of my favorite places to visit on the beach. I hope you enjoy this
I'll just shut up so you can enjoy the pictures.
Fishies in the courtyard.
Love the air space. Suspension. Rays.
Love the oaken theme of ship. It's in the entryway.
Love the habitat most. Occasionally, jets of steam will spew.
Turtles. A week or so ago, Mr. Hawthorne and I were erranding ...
... and I caught this idyllic shot.
Mr. Turtle-Lurtle is sunning. Isn't that special? Back to the NC Aquarium.
Looks like one two-headed turtle, but it's two one-headed turtles.
Marion and I kept looking up to see what the turtles were seeing, but we didn't see it.
Now DON'T tell me I'm the ONLY one who sees the lion/sphinx/Wherethewildthingsare/ thingie going on! It's on the right hand side. I definitely see eye, nose, mouth, ear, hair, and limbs
Alligators. Can you find the two?
Enjoy the playful river otters: Good trip, Marion. Doth ye thinketh?

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