Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rosie Twitters On Blogger.

Rosie doesn't Twitter.
She's not sure what a Twitter is except you say something in under 140 (?) words. What you do with the words, I don't know. What you say with the words, I don't know. If I Twittered, what would my twit say? Gone to the bathroom. Cleaning the oven and hood. My head's in the oven. Buh bye. Gone to Tahiti. I had too much to dream last night. The drinker I get, the smoker I am. Weather is here. Wish you were great. Here's my Twitter, if I Twittered, which I don't, but if a Non-Twitterer would ever Twitter in her happily Non-Twittering world then this would be her Twit (?): "Mr. Hawthorne just learned that LMAO means 'laughing my ass off.' " That green above was my Tweet (?). LMAO !!!!! And add to that ... BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! ROTF!

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Mr. P said...

lmao rotf