Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monday Night Dinner: Brussel Sprouts. Part 2 Of 3.

Marion and I collaborated on the Brussel sprouts.
First she added the sprouts to boiling salted water.
When just tender, drain the sprouts, running cold water over to stop the cooking. Slice in half and drain on paper towels.
To go along with the sprouts. I scissored some bacon slices in my skillet.
When the bacon browned, I added some sliced onions.
And some walnuts. Heat through and remove.
Add a little butter to the pan, add the sprouts, and heat through.
Toss sprouts.
One of my little "tricks" is to add a bit of sugar to crucifers. It helps to tame them a bit and also to caramelize them.
Add in the bacon, onion, and walnut mixture.
When Marion was out of the room, Mr. Hawthorne deglazed with white wine.
I loved these Broosle Sproots.

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