Friday, February 12, 2010

Rosie's Prospects For Valentine's Day.

Basically, I'm with Kathy, of Reinventing a Boomer Blogdom, about Valentine's Day. I have always striven (strived?) to disregard this most egregious of "holidays." I like what Mr. Hawthorne and I do. We leave each other. Every year for Valentine's Day, Mr. Hawthorne goes to see his Mommie. It's her birthday. And he would drop me off in Danville to visit with Mama Hawthorne, I would stay at Maxines, and Maxine and I would have a romantic Valentine's Dinner. Just the two of us. Well, I was planning on that for this year but Mama's gone now and Maxine was inconsiderate enough to come down with some horrible disease so I can't stay with her. When I talked to her the other day I thought she was getting ready to cough up a lung. Maxine, I truly hope you will be feeling better soon. May I bring you some consomme? So that leaves me at Mama's house. Alone. Packing away as much of her stuff as I can. With no transportation. And did I mention Brother and SIL Hawthorne are going to be out of town? No? Did I mention alone? Yes? At least Food Lion is within walking distance. Well, a girl can reminisce, can't she? Here's last year's Valentine's Day lunch with Mama Hawthorne. Here's Valentine's Dinner with Maxine last year. And here's Valentine's Dinner , 2008, with Maxine. We even got SNOW that year.
But not to worry about me. Mr. Hawthorne stopped at WalMart the other day and, after rummaging through the DVDs-for-cheap bin, he was thoughtful enough to bring me this:
I really appreciate this, Mr. Hawthorne. Thank you. So I guess I'll have time by myself to watch this this weekend. Or I may just be watching it at home.

Local Weather

Another couple of storms

Updated today at 5:28 PM

What a weather pattern: and it continues for the next few days with a storm both tonight into tomorrow, and another one Monday into Tuesday. The storm tonight will be a big deal for areas of the deep south with places like Atlanta and the Carolinas getting snow. In fact, Dallas had it's biggest snowstorm ever with a foot of accumulation.

Around here North Carolina has the best chance of snow with decreasing chances the farther north into Virginia that you go. That means at least some flurries for Southside and possibly a heavier snow shower or two later tonight into tomorrow. Amounts could range from nothing to as much as an inch, with the most likely accumulation a dusting, especially on grassy surfaces. For northeast NC and the northern Outer Banks up to an inch or more could fall, with the southern OBX looking at the possibility of as much as 2-4".

Overnight lows Friday night will be in the 20s with daytime highs Saturday in the mid to upper 30s so it will remain quite cold for this time of year.

Then, believe it or not another bigger storm is likely Monday into Tuesday.

We're leaving tomorrow morning.

I'd just so love to stay here

and take pictures of the snow.

Leave Sunday.

Works for me.


Marilyn said...

Hugs for Rosie! Mr. P does his best to ignore Valentine's Day, so I have learned to also ignore it. Go with the flow... the secret to a long marriage.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Silly Mar, I AM the flow.

Marion said...

Hey, I'd just as soon ignore it too! But hey, tomorrow is Chinese New Year's! Much better....of course, since today's Chinese New Year's EVE, I have all that cleaning and sweeping to do - sweep out all that old luck. Then I have to find really long noodles, oranges, and plenty of red stuff.