Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mr. Hawthorne's Dinner.

Of course, Mr. Hawthorne couldn't be bothered to eat the stir fry I'd already prepared. He wanted tuna. Have at it, Mr. Hawthorne.
He lightly seasoned the tuna with freshly ground salt and pepper.
Chopped his onion and tomato. Salted and peppered.
Sauteed in butter and olive oil. Set aside.
Mr. Hawthorne plates his spaghetti.
And Ticky, you will be delighted to know that this spah- GEHHH-teeee was both whole wheat and spinach.
He seared his tuna in olive oil and butter.
Maybe two minutes each side.
Place tuna on top of spaghetti and top with tomato and onion.
Ta daaaaaaaa!!!!!!
Light. Simple. Effortless. Quick. Pretty. Really, really good.
From pantry shelf and fridge to stomach in about 12 minutes.
This tuna was perfectly cooked. Job well done, Mr. Hawthorne.


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious. Wish my husband could/would cook like that! You are one lucky girl Rosie.

dle said...

....I know I should be open-minded, but I just cannot go with the green pasta...same thing with tri-colored. I need to eat blind-folded!!

Unknown said...

I found your blog by searching "baby crabs found in oysters". It is a nice fine, good food, good photography. I am a male and the cook of the household.
I am making my signature Oysters Florentine (Rockefeller) today and kept finding baby crabs. I figured they would be great fried. Looks as if they are.

The seared tuna and pasta verde looks great. I usually do mine with sesame oil and lemon, black and red pepper..but that's not very Italian.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

zzzadig, thanks for your comment.
The oysters with the crabs are called crab slough oysters.

Would love to hear your recipe for your Oysters Florentine.

Kathy said...

Spinach & whole wheat?
*sniff, sniff*
I'm so proud.

ps - I found some brown arborio. What say we make some brown rice risotto?

Unknown said...

Brown abborio? I'm impressed.