Sunday, February 7, 2010

Marion Outs Rosie. Again.

Yet again, Marion has compromised Rosie's credibility. Nay! She's tinkering with Rosie's anima. First, Marion found a hidden cookbook, as in pages out, spine in, in the bookcase Mr. Hawthorne built for Daughter Hawthorne's room. Now, Marion has discovered what she calls, "a marital device disguised as a dog grooming product." It is a dog grooming product. I use it to take care of Dixie's toenails.
I seemed a little too desperate to emphasize the name of this product and, being slightly OCD, I made sure to spell Pedi-Paws twice, as if to exonerate myself from Marion's disturbing discovery. What with Marion's expose (with an accent on the e) of the Rache's book and this seemingly innocent device, do I have any readers left?


Marilyn said...

I don't think Dixie's talking...

Nope, you're on you're own here, Rosie.

Kathy said...

Dare I say, the discovery of marital devices may get you more readers. Just look at Donna's site ;-)