Monday, August 30, 2010

Umm... I'll Pass, Thanks.

Sometimes, Food Network just scares me.
"Stretch" was on Guy's Big Bite recently. The "Stretchinator," as Guy calls him, is a sculptor and restaurateur in Kansas City. His establishment is Grinder's. And once again, I'm glad I live on the East Coast. I just checked out Guy's info on the above link and read this:

About the Show

Guy Fieri's bleached blonde hair,


and skateboarder shorts

make a strong statement

– you are what you eat!

What does this mean? Does it mean Guido eats bleached blond hair, goatees, and board shorts?
Both of these douchebags can bite me.
Could this be Stretch's doppelganger?


Kathy said...

Was it a repeat of the episode from a couple years ago, or did he actually go out & find this creature again? Shouldn't have been hard though - like seeks like.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Repeat, Kathy. As if once was not enough.