Monday, August 2, 2010

More Of Ms. De Laurentiis. .

Oh, Giada, Giada, Giada.
This is definitely a plaintive cry for help.
This is a new pose for Giada. I call it the "Let-me-hold-my-hair-back- and-gratuitously-extreme-reach-across-the-table- so-you-can-better-see-my-beautiful-breasts" look. Does Giada the Immaculate have a protuberance on her left wrist?
Apparently, this is what one wears to a ladies' luncheon, since that was what Giada was hosting this day.
Who cares I'm stuffing my face like Guy Fee-eh-deee? Who's looking at my face?
What's that I smell? Oh ... It's my upper lip. Never mind. Check out the following video. And a big thank you to Xmaskatie for calling me to let me know this was on. I actually had the TV on Food Network but it was on mute and I wasn't watching, so I would've missed out on all this most excellent boobage. Notice how Giada uses her hands to frame and accentuate the boobal area. Like it needs accentuating. I think Giada's been watching the models on The Price Is Right.
Here's what I heard Giada say: "I know 'les girls are going to love it. I'm so excited to bring them out."
But that's not what she actually said.


Woodduck said...

Word's out on Dortches, now. But if you want Dandoodle and Grass, you'll have to go deep into Northampton Co. Always need an empty cooler for Dortches! Speaking of Rocky Mount. The best barbeque I ever had was served up with a view of the Tar River, at Bob Meltons. I miss that place. Try Bees in Greenville for good barbeque now. B's Barbeque Rd. Go early. When they're out, they are out! They only cook a certain amount daily.

Mr. P said...

Thanks for the new Giada pictures.