Monday, August 9, 2010

Rosie Serves Lunch.

All three of the Little Hawthornes were home at lunchtime the other day, along with various and sundry friends. I needed something quick and easy, light and refreshing, and full of freshness out of the garden.
Whole wheat pasta shells and multi-colored rotini with a freshly made tomato sauce with onions and green peppers and fresh herbs, diced yellow squash al dente, Parmesan cheese, and a sprinkling of basil. Perfect.
First I peeled and diced my squash and chopped up my basil ...
... and heated up my tomato sauce.
I brought salted water to a boil, added in the pastas, and about 1 minute before the pasta was ready I added the diced squash.
Immediately drain.
I added a few spoonfuls of the tomato sauce, grated some Il Villagio Parmesan cheese, and sprinkled with chopped basil.
I like both the pasta and the squash al dente and these were perfect. The fresh homemade tomato sauce is something you can't get out of a can, no matter how you doctor it up. Then you've got the welcome tang of the cheese along with the brightness that basil always brings. Everyone enjoyed this except Middle Hawthorne. I had another pot of sauce on the stove and he generously doused his pasta with the sauce from that pan. Unfortunately, for him, it contained a mango/habanero sauce I was working on. Poor Middle Hawthorne. Later that afternoon, I made salsa. I peeled, seeded, and juiced a few tomatoes, chopped some green bell peppers, minced some red and green jalapenos, chopped some onion, and chopped some scallions and cilantro - all from the garden. Added a little bit of sugar and cider vinegar. Some salt and pepper. Taste. Adjust.
Some tortilla chips, a little sour cream, some extra cilantro.
I love summer and the vegetables it brings.

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Kathy said...

Now, if only summer didn't bring raw tomatoes or green peppers, I'd be happy. Wait, summer also brings a cornucopia of fruit, so I AM happy!

(my word verification is 'gakingc'. appropriate for tomatoes ;-)