Sunday, August 1, 2010


Attention dog-owners. Consider this a Public Service Announcement.
I was at Food Lion the other day and naturally was on the dog food aisle. I decided to get some chew treats for Dixie and Giada and Beau and Junior. So Junior won't eat other things he's not supposed to because he does have a tendency to do that.
I'm taking these photographs after the fact to show you what not to buy.
I will never buy these spirals again.
I've never had a problem giving my puppies pig ears, but I ran into a problem this morning with Junior after he chewed and ingested the spiral chews. Mr. Hawthorne walked into the living room this morning while I was "blaaaaaahhhhhhhhhggginggggggg," (That's how he pronounces it.) and asked me, "What's that on the floor over there?" I turned to look and said, "I don't know but I ain't cleaning it up." I walked over to check it out and recognized it as part pizza box and part spiral rawhide which had ... expanded. I looked at poor Junior and immediately his face and body language went into hang-dog mode. He knew he'd done something socially unacceptable - a faux pas, if you will. Poor baby. I tried to tell him everything was OK and I'm sure you must feel muuuuuuch better. But he wasn't havin' it. Went under the bench in the corner. So I straightened out the sheets and towels Dixie was lying on because I knew that's where he wanted to be.
Little Junior immediately went to lie next to Dixie.
Sweet. And don't worry about Junior. He's very resilient. Hours later, he was feeling fine.
Dixie's sleepy and tired after jumping in the pool 216 times and swimming around for two hours.

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