Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rosie's Kitchen Faucet. I Broke It.

It's Sunday morning. Approximately 6 AM. I'm getting ready to run with Dixie, Giada and Junior.
But first, when I came downstairs,
I had to gather the numerous dishes, bowls, glassware, and utensils that had been strewn about over the lengths of three counter tops after I had cleaned up and gone to bed Saturday night.
I set the debris in the sink and turned the faucet on. It came off quite handily, in my hand. And, thankfully, the water was flowing freely.
I don't know how to fix this.
There are a lot of pieces. This really sucks. I looked it up and I paid $287.85 for this Kohler Krap. Just under three years ago. We will be sending all parts back to Kohler and hopefully get some type of compensation. At least the handle broke off in the on position. Had it broken off in the off position, we would have had no water in the kitchen. As it was, I was still able to get water in the sink and the filtered fridge water. To turn it off, I had to scramble and contort underneath the sink for the valve awkwardly located behind the garbage disposal. We have the best plumber. I called Rodney about 8:30 Sunday morning and he answered on the second ring. He was up in Virginia Beach all day and wouldn't be back home until Sunday night, late, but would be here Monday morning at 8 AM with a new faucet. And he was. Here's my new goose neck faucet. It's neat. You can pull the "head" of the goose and pull out a spray head. The lever at the base right - you press down to turn the water on, push it back to get hot water, and pull it forward to get cold water.
Thank you, Rodney.
Now here's the part that really sucks. Later Sunday morning, Mr. Hawthorne came into the kitchen and wondered what was wrong with the water, I told him what had happened. Mr. Hawthorne boasts the fact that I can break an anvil. Let it bemoan (or be known), I have never broken an anvil. The conversation went something like this: "What? You broke the kitchen faucet?" "Yes ... I did." "Were you mad?" "I am now."
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Anonymous said...

Rosie, is that a REALLY big water bowl or a very small sink?
And doesn't your town offer curbside recycling yet? (In our small city to the north, no separating, and no indoor storage of trash required, worth every penny.)

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Anony, it's a very big water bowl and a small sink. The larger sink is on the left.
And I just looked into recycling. On my runs with the dogs in the mornings, I've noticed some different trash cans. Checked out the phone # on them and it's a recycling service. I called them and you put all your recyclables in it and they pick up once a week for $8.95 a month and bill quarterly. I was ready to go with them but Mr. Hawthorne started on the , "Do you know how much that in a year????" Crap.
"Yes. About $108."
"Do you know how much that buys?"
"Yes. Do you know how much I hate having bags of crap in my hallway? Do you know how much I hate having bags of crap in my truck? Do you know how much I hate having bags of crap to take to the recycling place?"

It's a no-win sit-chay-shun.

Marilyn said...

We just got curbside recycling and I love it! They only charge $2 a month, but they don't take glass, so I will still have to go to the recycling center for that.

And I love your new faucet. I'm glad your plumber was able to get it replaced so quickly for you.

Woodduck said...

They should pay us for the recyclables. They're worth money!