Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dogwood And Giada.

Here are Dogwood and Giada resting in Daughter Hawthorne's room.
They left Sunday to go back to school.
And Nana misses them. I miss Giada on our morning runs trying to chase squirrels in trees and pulling me with her. I love the way she thinks she can fly when she sees a goose or a duck.
Oh, to have a cat attempting to run between my legs while I'm walking down the steps. Or racing me down the hall to the bathroom, again trying to run between my legs. I miss the little paws swatting underneath the bathroom door.
I miss Dogwood lolling on Mama Hawthorne's desk.
I kept Mama Hawthorne's desk pretty much the same. That's her lamp on the left and her clock on the right. I added in Daddy's card deck holder and a miniature clock I gave Mama for Christmas. The cat, Dogwood, added himself.
Giada knows if she just waits long enough, that door will eventually open. Oooh. Lookey. What's Rosie tearing up now?

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