Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mr. Osprey Comes To Visit.

Mr. Osprey paid me a visit this morning.
Usually he sits on the pilings with a huge fish and eats his lunch.
Perhaps he's finished dining and/or taking tidbits back to his family and is merely checking out the view. Mr. Osprey billowed his powerful wings and headed up into the sky. I love seeing these impressive birds. Especially when I see them dive for a fish in the canal and triumphantly come up with a piscean creature, grasping it in their talons and holding it like a torpedo. Ospreys respect aerodynamics. I have only about one month left with them before they head to parts South - Central and South America. And I know sprung is springing when the ospreys return. First week of March. Clock work. Nature. God.

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