Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rosie Does Chicken Quarters.

Saturday, when I started out with Eggs Benedict, then worked on watermelon lime granita, and made an ersatz mozzarella, I meant to do several chicken salads. In this heat, I think we need cool and light dishes. Refreshing and simple. I started out with chicken quarters. $0.39 a pound. Ten pound bags on sale at Food Lion.
I laid out 6 pieces. Semi-skinned by Mr. Hawthorne.
Dixie comes to investigate as I drizzle EVOO over top. (Thats EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL!)
Salt and pepper.
I baked this at 350 degrees for about an hour. Stick a knife right there in that joint. If the juices run clear, not pink, then it's ready.
All clear. I was going to start with the chicken meat and make two different chicken salads. But reality called. Youngest Hawthorne appeared and wanted sustenance. Immediately DETOUR!
I have a food challenge. Make something within minutes for Youngest Hawthorne. I'd bought some lovely, very tasty, brown bread the other day at Food Lion. I buttered it and toasted a few slices. I thinly sliced some mozzarella. I have some fresh basil pesto and a just cooked chicken quarter.
Meat off the bone.
Whenever you have pesto "waiting" in the fridge, always "refresh" it with a few squirts of olive oil. Mix well.
Spread pesto on the toasted brown bread.
Add chicken slices. Salt and pepper. Drape thin slices of mozzarella over top. Under the broiler for a short time per Youngest Hawthorne's request.
I like my cheeses broiled and browned and bubbly. Youngest Hawthorne doesn't. So's I got melted white cheese for him.
Plop of pesto on top.
Little drizzle of green basil oil leaking out of the pesto.
Sliced chicken sandwiches. Non-existent brown bread toast on the bottom. What happened to it? Smear of pesto on top of toast. Piled-high chicken. Mozzarella cheese. Under broiler.
This is a nice riff on a ordinary chicken sandwich. Just takes it to a new level.
I loved the flavor of the brown bread. Fresh pesto is always welcome. And melted mozzarella is a plus. A small sandwich that packs a big punch. Now, remember. I originally started out with the intention of making chicken salads and I got sidetracked. Please stay tuned for my chicken salads. I made a curried chicken salad and a toasted almond and red grape chicken salad. To get ready for the chicken salads ...
I picked all the meat off the bones and added the bones to a freezer bag for stock.
I scraped up the chicken jelly in the baking pan and ...
... added that to the freezer bag.
Here's my chicken ready for assorted salads. Stay tuned for chicken salads.


Marion said...

Hey Rosie, ever tried boning and stuffing those chicken quarters? Tedious but pretty good except for the stringy bits. Did it once from a Madeline Kamman recipe.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Marion, do send me instructions.

Have you ever taken the carcass out of a Thanksgiving turkey, then stuffed it up to resemble something with bones, cooked it, and sliced through it? To the sole amazement of yourself?

Marion said...

Nope, because I don't cook a Thanksgiving turkey. Have always wanted to do Julia's chicken melon or that other stuffed boneless thingie.