Monday, December 12, 2011

Gotta Love That Food Network.

I had Food Network on in the background this morning with another lame show playing. Apparently, Food Network thinks we actually give a crap about their "stars'" favorite holiday memories. Photo from Foodnetworkhumor. Thanks, Jillian. Sandra Lee mused about spending the day in her pajamas drinking mugs of hot chocolate all day long. Right. Like I believe she's sipping hot chocolate. I imagine Sandra has a secret compartment in her Christmas bathrobe, which, of course, matches her tablescape, to stash her flask. Kahlua with a splash of hot choc. Yeah, I can see that. Brandy with a soucon of hot choc. That works for me. Sandy looks positively lit in that picture. Next, Michael Symon was looking forward to a relaxing day without any "religion or politics." Don't you hate it when pesky religion sneaks its way into Christmas?

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