Friday, December 30, 2011

What People Google And How They End Up On My Blog.

I do not make this stuff up, so don't shoot the messenger. It's always interesting to find out how people get to my blog. I have a Feedjit Live Traffic Feed on the right hand side of my blog and it allows me to see when people visit my blog and how people find my blog - whether they come in directly by typing in or if they Google a particular search item and find themselves able to link to my blog. On my blog, you can scroll way down to Live Traffic Feed on the right, click on Real Time View at the bottom of the feed, and see who's coming from where and how. Sometimes Googlers will simply Google seemingly innocuous things, and pick me out of the list that Google provides. I get a lot of hits from people Googling stuff like crab slough oysters, galumpkis, Julia Child's Gateau of Crepes, Julia Child's English Muffins, Kimmelweck rolls, vegetable gateau, kick ass onion soup, blackened mahi mahi, savory calzones, how to clean soft shell crabs, penis bread, Parmesan crisps, Giada de Laurentiis boobs. Try Googling any of the above and see if I don't have a presence. And the one thing that I got over 6000 hits in ONE DAY for and still get hits for Every.Single.Day. : the Nancy Grace nip slip. Nancy Grace busted. Here it is so you don't have to go look it up. Sometimes, people are a bit more explicit in what they Google. To wit: (These entries were taken from my Feedjit Live Traffic Feed.)
Watching for visitors
Arrival or Departure Country Browser OS Website Long description Current time: 16:14:26 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
16:13:22 -- 1 minute ago
15:57:38 -- 10 minutes ago
07:18:16 -- 4 hours 28 mins ago
08:30:46 -- 4 hours 38 mins ago
Nagu, Western Finland arrived from on "Kitchens Are Monkey Business: Giada Boobage Update." by searching for miss molly pornstar.
07:34:47 -- 5 hours 34 mins ago
Now that I know what people are looking for and see how they get to my blog that way, you'll be sure to have more of these gems coming your way.


Marilyn said...

Now that is funny.

southdrivein said...

I googled "Mr. Hawthorne wearing naugahide laderhosen eating kimmelwech rolls" and it directed me to your site, but alas, no images !

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Hee! I didn't post those pictures, South.

Rose II said...

Lol Rosie this is so funny. So xmas kt is a porn star in her spare time? Hee hee.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Shhhhhh, Rose.
We don't want the rest of the family knowing about her nefarious activities.