Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oven Update.

My Dacor oven is broken. No more bakey-bakey for Rosie. Mr. Hawthorne is on the phone with the company as I type. He talked to Beach Appliance Repair yesterday and they were supposed to call back today. I left a message with them this morning to ask when someone would be coming out, thinking it would be today. When they returned my call, I was told, "NOT UNTIL AFTER THE FIRST OF THE YEAR." This is UNACCEPTABLE to me. Sorry to be yelling so much, but I'm UPSET! When the oven first screwed up, I noticed an error message on the display: F10. When Mr. Hawthorne talked to Dacor yesterday, they said an F10 error meant there was a loose wire from the sensor to the relay, a relatively simple repair. I guess simple if you know what wire, what sensor, and what relay. Today, when Mr. Hawthorne called Dacor back, Melissa at least tried to help: "You need to reset the oven. Turn off the power for 5 minutes." We've done that. And now we're waiting to see if it's going to heat properly. Mr. Hawthorne is excited. He gets to use the laser thermometer again. Stay tuned for more of the oven saga. And send positive thoughts this way. Rosie thanks you.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! BEACH APPLIANCE must be SOOOOO busy with new home construction, or maybe they're almost ready to go out of business? To not give a shit about a long time local, with an emergent appliance issue, who has a FREAKING BLOG!!!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Well DITTO, Anony.

I call total Bull shit.

Have the ova to just tell me I'm too small for your job.