Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Hawthornes' Lunch.

While I was cleaning out the freezer yesterday, as in pulling everything out, writing all items down on the inventory list, and neatly placing them back in, I came across 2 vacuum-packed tenderloin steaks from 2009. That's what Mr. Hawthorne fixed us for lunch today.
For some reason, Mr. Hawthorne likes frozen asparagus. I rejuvenated two small containers of Hollandaise Sauce I found in the fridge when I cleaned that out yesterday. I ask you: Who has two containers of Hollandaise in their refrigerator, prepared by two different people? I combined the two Hollandaises and whisked in a bit more butter, since someone didn't put enough in their Hollandaise. Hmmm. Wonder who that might have been. I was whisking away, gleefully adding more cold butter, hovering the pan over my heat sauce, and horror of horrors! My sauce started to separate. Not to worry. Here's what to do: Take an ice cube and whisk it in until the sauce is smooth again. Works like a charm. My body is calling for meat and potatoes. Baked potato with freshly cracked pepper and butter.
The tuna protein wasn't enough for me apparently. I had to have red meat. My body thanks me.


Marilyn said...

Feed the meat.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I like my meat to twitch a bit when I season it.